papas fritas way you walk
edwin collins a girl like you
the knack my sharona
the police so lonely
xtc making plans for nigel
the jam to be someone (didn't we have a nice time)
the clash i fought the law
buzzcocks orgasm addict
the stooges fun house
the fall blindness
von sudenfed fledermaus can't get it
lcd soundsystem beat connection
frankie knuckles with jamie principle your love
pacific! hold me (breakbot remix)
cfcf goodbye
friendly fires paris (aeroplane remix)
the tough alliance a new chance (tanlines remix)
el guincho kalise (tanlines remix)
la roux bulletproof (tepr remix)
m83 run into flowers (midnight fuck remix by jackson)
aphex twin windowlicker
the xx basic space
lykke li let it fall
the knife heartbeats
junior boys in the morning
supermayer the art of letting go
matias aguayo minimal (dj koze remix)
hercules and love affair blind (frankie knuckles remix)
the juan maclean happy house
!!! me and giuliani down by the school yard
technotronic pump up the jam
marrs pump up the volume
beastie boys so what'cha want
eminem my name is
kelis milkshake
missy elliott get ur freak on
n.e.r.d. lapdance
kanye west gold digger
outkast hey ya!
justin timberlake sexyback
britney spears me against the music
gwen stefani hollaback girl
beyonce single ladies (put a ring on it)
michael jackson don't stop till get enough

bonus tracks:

michael  jackson beat it
john cage 4' 33''

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